Top 10 Most Outrageously Expensive Bicycles

Million dollar for a bicycle ,sounds weird.But its true.Some bicycles are worth more than luxury cars and they are super gorgeous.This expensive bicycles are extremely expensive and made only a few examples, obviously for the millionaire riders.They are handcrafted with luxury materials like gold ,silver and black diamonds.Lets look at top ten most expensive bicycles of the planet:

1.House Of Solid Gold 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike-$1,000,000

House Of Solid Gold
With a whooping price tag of $1 million the House Of Solid Gold 24k Gold Extreme Mountain Bike is the most expensive bicycle of the planet.It's truly all gold including its Golden Disk Brakes.If you are not fascinated by gold only the THSG (The House Of Solid Gold) badge on it is handcrafted with 600 Black Diamonds, and 500 golden saphires.House of solid gold has some more golden bicycles but this special $1 million edition is referred as the Beverly Hills edition.This bicycle's seat cover is made of Brown Alligator Skin.This took 700 hours of working period to be manufactured.

2.Damien Hirst butterfly trek Madone-$500,000

The second bike in this list is the Damien Hirst Butterfly Trek Madone with a jaw dropping price of $500,000.This unique bicycle was designed by Damien Hirst for Lance Armstrong.He rode this bike in the 2009 Tour de France.Butterfly Trek Madone utilized the beauty of natural wings taken from butterflies.Butterfly Trek Madone was auctioned at Sotheby's for the Livestrong Foundation.And was sold for $500,000 what makes it the worlds second most expensive bicycle.

3.Aurumania Gold Bike Crystal Edition-$103,700

This limited to ten Aurumania Gold Bike Crystal Edition bicycle is the world's third most expensive bike which is priced at $103,700.This bicycle is created by Aurumania with 24k gold and 600 Swarovski crystals.This bicycle is designed with classic look and is constructed very carefully.Their is 50 cheaper edition available ,with a price tag of 21,000 EURO,made without that 600 Swarovski crystals.This bicycles are hand delivered all over the world.

4.Tiffany & co. Silver-Mounted Ladies Bicycle-$57,000

Tiffany & co. Silver-Mounted Ladies Bicycle is at the #4 in our list with a price tag of $57,000.This is a special edition from famous fashion bran Tiffany & co..This bicycle has an ivory handle and is crafted with various types f special material like silver.This 1896 bicycle is recently restored for museum.

5.Montante Luxury Gold Collection-$46,000

Italian bicycle manufacturer Montante created the Montante Luxury Gold Collection bicycle priced at $46,000 ,the world's 5th most expensive bicycle.This classic ladies bike is furnished with 24k gold plating and 11,000 Swarovski crystals.This has also saddle ,bike pump and chain covered with python skin.Mudguard are made from stem-bent birch and is also covered with elm lacquered leaves.Its frame is made by gold.

6.Aston Martin One-77 -$37,905

The Aston Martin One-77 is the world’s most technologically advanced road bicycle and is 6th in the ranking of world's most expensive bicycles.The One-77 Cycle represents the pinnacle of British engineering prowess.This very advanced bicycle has a computer in it which can give a lot of complicated information like crank torque, crank force and leg power.This wonder of mobile technology also has Bluetooth system to share data with other devices.The Aston Martin One-77 is made of carbon fiber.Only 77 of this glorious bicycle is made till date.

7.'Bianchi by Gucci' Carbon Urban Bike-$15,400

'Bianchi by Gucci' Carbon Urban Bike is created by Gucci designer Frida Giannini and is the 7th most expensive bicycle of the planet.It is featured with 22 pounds carbon fiber frame,11 gears and a two sided pedal.This new collaboration joins two uniquely Italian traditions of design and craftsmanship.Rider can enjoy his ride with Gucci branded helmet and water bottle with an additional $950.

8.Koga Spyker Aeroblade-$15,000

Koga Spyker Aeroblade is an advanced aeroblade bicycle manufactured by Spyker ,a Dutch car manufacturer.This aeroblade is stylish yet comfortable .It is featured with a titanium frame, an aluminum front fork, wheel set and mudguards from aluminum covered carbon composite, Hulshof luxury leather handle bar grips and saddle and a special version of the Rohloff 14 speed hub gear transmission.In December 2009 Spyker and Koga, a renowed manufacturer of top end bicycles, unveiled the ‘Aeroblade’.


LE FLÂNEUR ,a french word this means the city spectator.This 10 k usd bicycle is created by Hermès ,a French fashion house.This bicycle is specially made for the Paris city with historical design facts. Speciallity of this bicycle is the Nomad bag, designed by Frédéric Vidal.It has a 8 speed gear system.Specially made for people between 1.65 mt to 1.80 mt.

10.Fendi Abici Amante Donna bicycle-$9,500

Fendi Abici Amante Donna bicycle is created by Fendi and the name of luxury cycle ride.It comes with a key and bike chain cover, leather gps navigation holder and a detachable Fendi case.This bike is gorgeous and a perfect gift for weddings. A beauty, it has redefined luxurious travel.You’ll need a personal guard looking out for this one.

This are the top ten most expensive bicycles available now.Post a comment if you are interested about this expensive bicycles.
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