Top 10 MMA Fighters Of All Time

Mixed Martial Arts ,commonly known as the MMA is one of the biggest platforms of wrestling entertainment.CV Productions, Inc. created the first regulated MMA league in the United States in 1980, named Tough Guy Contest.Till than it's a popularly growing full-contact combat sport.Through the years we have witnessed some of the best MMA fighters.There are 11 weight classes in Mixed Martial Arts,and there is also a lot's of strong fighter in different weight classes.

In this list we're going to see top ten all time best MMA fighters regardless divisions and different classes.Here it is

1.Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor Emelianenko With Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Russian super fighter Fedor Emelianenko is at the #1 in the list.This is because of his multiple talent in fighting.He is considered one of the most powerful and successful MMA fighter.He won 36 of his 41 fights in MMA.He won MMA Pride Fighting Championships in 2003-2007.Emelianenko began his MMA career on May 21, 2000, with four straight victories, including a win over ADCC champion Ricardo Arona, which is considered one of his toughest fights in his career.From the beginning of 2001 to 2010 Emelianenko was unbeaten for 28 fights.During this period he defeated eleven top-10 ranked fighters.

2.Anderson Silva

The #2 of this list is Anderson Silva,a Brazilian multi black belt fighter.He has the longest winning streak in UFC history.He started his MMA career in 2002 ,in Pride.Most of his fights against decorated veterans of the sport looked like he was fighting first timers.He is known for mauling his opponents in his fights.He has inhuman accuracy.Anderson Silva still remains the most entertaining and skilled MMA fighter ever.

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3.Jon Jones

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Jonathan Dwight "Jon" Jones is at the #3 in this list. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters of all time, was ranked number one in the world during his championship reign.He holds the record as the youngest UFC Light Heavyweight title holder. For a number of years, Jones was ranked as the #1 light heavyweight fighter in the world by various media outlets.He holds various UFC record including most wins,consecutive title defenses,longest win streak.

4.George St. Pierre

George St. Pierre is at the #4 in this best MMA fighters list. Fight Matrix lists him as the top MMA Welterweight of all time and most accomplished fighter in MMA history.He started his MMA carrer in 2002.He has won 22 of his 25 mixed martial art fights.Eight of them was win by a knock out.In September 2008, St-Pierre earned his black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Bruno Fernandes.George St. Pierre might be known as one of the most composed fighters to ever enter the octagon.He has defended his Walther Weight Belt for consecutive 9 times.He is a master of Karate ,Wrestling,Boxing,Muay Thai amd Brazillian jiu-jitsu.

5.Chuck Liddell

At the #5 it is Chuck Liddell.He is widely credited for bringing MMA into the mainstream of American sports and entertainment.He has won 21 of his 29 MMA fights.Liddell made his UFC debut in 1998 during UFC 17 in Mobile, Alabama with a decision victory over Noe Hernandez.Chuck is one of the strongest punchers in the UFC history.Chuck was nicknamed "The Iceman" and was very dominent in the octagon.Chuck started his career in 1996 and by 2002,he was considered the #1 contender for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.He is one of the most celebrated MMA fighters of all time.

6.Randy Couture

Randy Couture is #6 ,all time best MMA fighter. Couture is the first of only three fighters to hold two UFC championship titles in two different divisions.Couture is a three time UFC Heavyweight Champion,two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and UFC 13 Heavyweight Tournament Winner.Couture made his professional mixed martial arts debut at UFC 13 in May 1997.He was also a Sergeant in United States Army.

7.Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes is at #7 in our list .He is one of the most decorated fighter in Mixed Martial Art history.He is two-time UFC Welterweight Champion, UFC Hall of Fame inductee, and NJCAA Hall of Fame inductee.He has won 45 out of 54 of his MMA fights.People often refer to him as "the Gracie Killer".Hughes made his mixed martial arts debut on January 1, 1998 at Joe Gaytia's JKD Challenge. He slammed his opponent to the ground in just fifteen seconds, winning via KO.In the UFC, Hughes frequently used the song "A Country Boy Can Survive" by Hank Williams, Jr. as he made his entrance towards the Octagon.

8.Royce Gracie

Royce Gracie is #8 in this best MMA fighters list.He is considered by UFC fans to be the most influential figure in the history of modern MMA.He holds the most consecutive submission victories in UFC history with 11, which he earned between UFC 1 and UFC 4.he won three UFC tournaments, the most that anyone ever won during tournament style fighting in the organization.No doubt that Gracie was the real king of pound for pound during his time.He actually proved it in fights where there was no weight limit.He lost 0nly 2 of his MMA fights,that indicates how dangerous he was in the octagon.

9.Jay Dee BJ Penn

At the #9,it is Jay Dee BJ Penn.Penn made his mixed martial arts debut with the company on May 24, 2001, with a win over Joey Gilbert at UFC 31.BJ penn is an absolute BEAST of a fighter.BJ Penn beats the living hell out of his oponents both standing up and on the ground.He is considered to be the the most naturally gifted allround fighter ever.UFC President, Dana White credits Penn as the man who brought the lower weight divisions into the mainstream of mixed martial arts; claiming Penn to be "the first crossover pay-per-view star for the Ultimate Fighting Championship's lighter weight divisions".He is also credited as the greatest Lightweight combatant in mixed martial arts history.

10.Dan Henderson

This is Dan Henderson at #10.He was the first mixed martial artist to concurrently hold two titles in two different weight classes in a major MMA promotion.He has won 32 of 47 fights of his MMA career.Henderson began training in mixed martial arts in 1997, when he joined the Real American Wrestling team (RAW). he was the oldest fighter on the UFC roster. Known to be one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time having defeated a total of seventeen MMA world champions across four major MMA promotions (UFC, PRIDE FC, Strikeforce, and RINGS).

As MMA is a large sport platform their is always conflict about the top ten.This are some honorable mentions,
*Conor McGregor.He has won 21 of his 24 MMA fights.
*Jose Aldo , he is a former two-time UFC Featherweight Champion.
*Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira is a semi-retired Brazilian mixed martial artist known for his technical mastery of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

So this is our Top ten best ever MMA fighters .Comment if you know something more about MMA and MMA fighters.
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