Top 10 Facts about Sir Richard Branson

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You might have heard about the ceo of Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson. But you might not know some interesting facts about him.Lets see some of them.

Fact1: Started At 16

he started his first venture at the age of 16 by publishing a magazine called STUDENT

Fact2: Has bussines conected with land ,air, sky and space

As the owner of VIRgin airlines,virgin train ,VIrgin galactic,and virgin ocanic ,BRANSON has conection with land air water and space through business

Fact3: He dislikes Tie

Branson has a casual style statement.He never wears a tie .HE said ""I have been carrying out a lifelong campaign to say bye to the tie. I often carry a pair of scissors with me, ready to cut off the tie of any unsuspecting wearer"

Fact4: Once he was suggested as Mayor candidate of London

at the 2000 election of londons meyor,he was suggested as acandidate from both of the parties,but he never expressed his interest on that.

Fact5: Branson has seven world records

Till date BRanson has seven world records including fastest crossing of atlantic ocan and most people riding on a kitesurf board.

Fact6: Bransos tried but failed in COLDdrink business

in Early 90s Branson started virgin cola ,but is wa geeting populer as it assumed to be.It was a loss.Though virgin cola is sold in several countries still now with thw virgin cola lisence by some bottling companies

Fact7: He is partnered with 400 businesses worldwide

According to wiki virgin groupe has control over 400 businesse around the world which makes the revenue of whoping 19 billion in 2016

Fact8: He has bought necker island to impress his future wife

NECKER island is a 76 acre island in carribeans bought by Sir richard branson in late 70s .it was prices 180000$ then.He bought the island to impress his futurewife Joan Templeman Branson.

Fact9: Branson had a mental disorder named Dislexia

as a school student branson was not judged good by his teachers as he has dislexia,a mental the last day of his school his headmaster told him that he will finish his story either as a prisoner or as a millionare.

Fact10: Branson is one of 100 great brightons in the ranking of BBC

In the great history of Britain he is one of top 100 britons in the BBC top 100 brightons of all time list.

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