Top 10 Coolest Lamborghini Facts

You buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody. You buy a Lamborghini when you are somebody-Frank Sinatra

Lamborghini is the most dreamed car brand of all time.When you think of luxury with great speed,it's always Lamborghini.In the 54 years of journey Lamborghini shocked the world with their curves and style which is nothing like anything else.They are the trademark of billionaires.Let's look at top ten coolest Lamboghini facts:

1.Lamborghini Started With Tractors

Ferruccio Lamborghini ,Italian manufacturing magnate is the founder of Lamborghini.He started his company as a tractor manufacturer.He owned a Ferrari 250GT.And one day he went for a service repair and was not treated good by the Enzo Ferrari,founder of Ferrari.He than decided to build his own sport car as a result of that misbehavior.Four months later Lamborghini made it's first sport car Lamborghini 350 GTV.But Lamborghini was a tractor manufacturer and they're still made today.

2.350 GTV Had No Engine

When the first sport car of Lamborghini 350 GTV was first unveiled at the Turin Auto Show it wasn't even finished.The engine hood was always kept shut entire time.Under the hood their was bricks instead of engine.

3.Secret Of The Bull

For years Lamborghini has the bull logo in their cars.This is because the Sun Sign of Ferruccio Lamborghini was Taurus,which represents a bull.Ferruccio wanted Lamborghini to represent his hardnosed and stubborn personality.So he decided this logo for his sport car company.
4.Museo Lamborghini
Museo Lamborghini is the Lamborghini museum.This museum covers the history of Lamborghini cars and sport utility vehicles, showcasing a variety of modern and vintage models. The museum uses displays of cars, engines and photos to provide a history and review important milestones of Lamborghini.It is in the Lamborghini Headquarter.

5.The LM002

The LM002 is the first SUV designed and manufacture by Lamborghini.It was first manufactured in 1986 and only 328 of this were produced till 1993. The LM002 is also the first four-wheel drive model manufactured by Lamborghini.The LM002 was also featured in the movies Toys (1992) and Fast and Furious (2009).

6.Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV: Fastest Lambo Ever

With a top speed of 217 miles per hour and 0-62 in just 2.8 seconds Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV is the fastest Lambo ever.It has a 6.5-liter V12 engine,which can produce an enormous 750 hp.

7.Lamborghini Speed Boat

Lamborghini once manufactured speed boat and Lamborghini engines has won a lot of powerboat racing.Motori Marini Lamborghini produces a large V12 marine engine block for use in World Offshore Series Class 1 powerboats. A Lamborghini branded marine engine displaces approximately 8,171 cc (499 cu in) and outputs approximately 940 hp (700 kW).

8.100 People For One Car

As Lamborghini is a unique car brand and every unit is different from another every Lamborghini is handcrafted by 100 people in different stations of the factory.From the windshield to the break system every thing is handcrafted. Average price of a Lamborghini is over $3,00,000 and super perfection is needed to fulfill the want of a millionaire customer.

9.Lamborghini To Transport Donated Organs

Italian police uses Lamborghini cars to transport donated organs.Dubai police also uses Lamborghini as the flagship car of their fleet.

10. Countach :The Flagship

Lamborghini Countach is the flagship model of lamborghini. But did you know the meaning of the name.It means “Bloody Hell”, “Holy Shit” and “woman of ‘extravagant’ looks" as per different opinion.

These are the top 10 Coolest Lamborghini Facts.Do You Know something more exiting ,share with us in comments.
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