Top 10 Most Amazing Huffington Post (HuffPost) Facts

Mainstream media tend to just mouth the conventional wisdom, to see everything through the filter of right and left.-Arianna Huffington(Founder of HuffPost)

HuffPost commonly known as The Huffington Post is the most influential blog site according to The Guardian.The history of blogging is divided into two parts,before and after The Huffington Post.In July 2012, The HuffPost was ranked No. 1 on the 15 Most Popular Political Sites list by eBizMBA Rank.Founded just before 12 years from today this is also one of the biggest online platform that reflects peoples view on different niches.Lets know top ten most amazing facts about HuffPost

1.Politically Liberal

HuffPost is politically liberal since the start.Though Arianna Huffington, the founder of the blog site was a popular conservative commentator in the mid 1990's,HuffPost hold a liberal political stand.

2.Local Editions

Huffpost also has local editions.The first local edition of the sidte was HuffPost Chicago,which was launched in 2007.HuffPost Detroit,Huffpost Los Angels ,these are the some the local editions of the site.

3.$315 Million Website

After six years of its launching AOL(America Online Limited Inc) acquired The HuffPost for $315 million.AOL than made Arianaa Huffington editor in chief of the HuffPost Media Group.

4.1 Million Comments

this blog site has a massive active community.Over 1 miilion comments are posted every month on the site.

5.New Editor In Chief

Lydia Polgreen ,formarly editor in chief of The New York Times,succeeded Arianna Huffington as the editor in chief of the website in August.

6.Trump Will Loose

HuffPost predicted defeat for Donald J. Trump in 2016 presidential election.The poling on the website predicted 47.3% chances of winning for Hillary Clinton.Later in another post in HuffPost they described why Huffpost forecasted defeat for Donald Trump.

7.Pulitzer Winner

The Huffington Post is the first United States digital media to win the honourable Pulitzer Prize ,which runs commercially.They won this honor in 2012.

8.Once Nominated For British Muslim Awards

The Huffington Post was nominated for the Responsible Media of the Year award at the British Muslim Awards,in the year 2015

9.HuffPost Canada

HuffPost Canada is the first international edition of the website.It was launched on May 26,2011.

10.Only Entertainment And Lifestyle In China

The Huffington Post planned to launch a Chinese version in 2015.Due to strict media controls, the content of Chinese version would not include serious news report, only entertainment and lifestyle.

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