Top 10 Unknown Facts About Apple Inc.

According to Forbes ,Apple Inc. is the most valuable brand of 2016.Apple Inc. was founded in 1st April of 1976 by Steve Jobs,Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.This 40 year old technology giant has created history many times.They have created some products that have changed out thoughts and way of thinking many times.Here is top ten unknown facts about Apple Inc:

1.7500% Growth In Last 16 Years:

According to CNBC the stock price of Apple INC. has increased 3000 in last some years.The companies market value was $4 billion in 2000,now the market capitalization of the company is over $300 billion.The total value of the company with its public stock is $700 billion making it the largest publicly traded company of world history.

2.They Have 20,000 Patents:

Since its starting Apple has created various products that have never been before.So they have 20,000 non-expired patents world wide.They also have 5000 application pending.This 20,000 patents includes valuable patents like "Band with folded seam for an electronic device","System and method of authentication","Calendar scheduling systems" etc.

3.1 Of Every 7 People Is An Apple Consumer:

Consumers use more than 1 billion Apple products worldwide as of March 2016.The total population of world is 7.4 billion as of March ,2017 .So 1 of every 7 people uses any kind of Apple product.Apple has 478 retail shops around the world.And Apple Store and "iTunes" is the largest music retailer of the world.

4.$6 Million Per Employee :

The total value of the company is $700 billion,and the number of fultime employee in the company is 115,000.So if portioned equal to every employee,the worth of every employee in Apple Inc. is over $6 million.Apple has expanded their business in 17 different countries,and as of 2015 apple has 115,000 full time employee who serves to operate the business.

5.Has An Energy Company:

Apple Energy, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple Inc. that sells solar energy. As of June 6, 2016, Apple's solar farms in California and Nevada have been declared to provide 217.9 megawatts of solar generation capacity.Apple has received regulatory approval to construct a landfill gas energy plant in North Carolina. Apple will use the methane emissions to generate electricity.

6.First Personal Computer without Programming Language:

Apple produced the first personal computer without programming language.Before that computers were not usable to everyone because one have to know programming language to operate a computer.But the computer without programming language "The Macintosh" was the first computer that can be operated without knowledge of programming.It was massive success of Apple Inc.This is considered first everyone's personal computer and sold out around 250,000 unites in its debut year.

7.Apple made Digital Cameras:

Apple made some digital cameras including Apple Quick Take.The shrinking sales of Mac inspired the company to make some digital computers.

8.Microsoft Invested $150 Million In Apple:

In the year 1997 ,when situation gone bad for Apple ,Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple.That years is considered one of the most important years of Apple Inc. history because Steve Jobs the founder of the company who were driven out of the company was recalled to save the company on that year.

9.Apple Gone For Clothing Industry:

Once Apple shown their interest in clothing lines.In 1986 they started their clothing line.But it was a flop.

10.Pets Are Banned In Apple Inc:

After returning as CEO in Apple Inc. Steve Jobs banned pets in Apple campus.He gave better food in the cafe in return of that.
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